Alfaco has been active in the health products market for more than 20 years and supplies medical devices, cosmetics and commodity products to all retailers, wholesalers, drugstores and pharmacies in the Netherlands.

Alfaco is brand owner and distributor for various brands.

Also gives Alfaco companies from the Netherlands and abroad the opportunity to have their logistics activities carried out by Alfaco.

In total there are 2.700 drugstores, 2.200 pharmacies and 380 health food stores in the Netherlands, most of which you can find several of our products.


Own brands

We have several brands that are our own and are available at the Retail and wholesale channel in the Netherlands.

For these brands, we are also always looking for partnerships with local distributors who can represent our brands in their country.


We have the distribution rights for various brands in the Netherlands. We always have 1 important conditions for concluding these agreements, we work together as if we were one company and as colleagues.

Given the knowledge we have about the drugstore and pharmacy channel we can provide good guidance in what is and what is not wise in a market such as that of the Netherlands. Thanks to the good collaborations with many brand owners, we have been able to successfully introduce brands and grow the market for existing brands.


Given that the Netherlands is a difficult market to enter and the large retail organizations are often very demanding in terms of logistics, Alfaco gives several companies the opportunity to have logistics, such as the storage, transport and invoicing of goods, take place through us.

We can supply all organizations within our industry and in most cases have fixed delivery times and conditions.


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