Alfaco is a distributor for several brands and is proud that the brands we started more than 20 years ago still represent in the Netherlands.

The Dutch market differs from most European countries where a lot of sales and advice is done via pharmacies when it comes to health products.

Dutch consumers are accustomed to buying their health products through self-selection  at the several large chains and many independent drugstore that are active in the Netherlands.

Over the years we have entered into partnerships with several brands in order to increase the distribution of the brand or to introduce a brand in the right way on the Dutch market.

Collaboration has always been key here, combining our knowledge of the market with the marketing and communication activities that the brand owner envisions for their brand.

Jointly coordinating a realistic goal as a team for the short and long term gives the best chance of a pleasant, reliable and a successful collaboration.

For questions you can always contact us via Info@alfaco.nl