Airmax is a medical device in the nasal dilator category.

The Air Max is produced in two different versions, the Airmax classic “against snoring” and the Airmax sport. Both versions come in two different sizes: Small & Medium.

The product can be found at many resellers around the world. The Airmax is distributed under its own brand name, but also as a private label. You can find the Airmax at pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets and several online sales channels.

BIOGAZE®, the wound care product for burns & abrasions and recommended by the Dutch  Foundation for burns. Available in both Hydrogel and Gauzes. Indispensable in the first aid kit. The active ingredient of the water-based Hydrogel is Tea Tree. It provides instant cooling, pain relief and essential physical protection.

The gauzes are provided with greasy ointment. They are made of open cell foam designed to hold the gel in place and provide heat dissipation and comfort.

Specialist in joint problems

EPITACT® offers a wide range (protections and orthoses) for the feet and hands. These products come from innovative technologies incorporating, among other things, silicone gels and have been developed to guarantee the care and comfort of our joints: our solutions work additionally to relieve foot pain, blisters, calluses, corns, hallux valgus – “lump” – blue nails but also rhizarthrosis (arthrosis of the thumb), … to prevent, relieve and treat.


Do you want to get pregnant? Increase your chance of pregnancy in a natural way with the FERTI LILY Conception Cup: a hormone-free conception aid that helps you to conceive. Research shows that the Conception Cup increases the chance of pregnancy by 48%. It can be easily used at home without getting in the way of intimacy.

Gastilox has various products in its range for the treatment of heartburn and acid regurgitation.

All products are self-care medicines and are available at pharmacies, drugstores and various web shops.

Oral rehydration salts. Natural recovery from excessive fluid loss in diarrhoea. GASTROLYTE is a dietary supplement with 2 different variants. GASTROLYTE Orange or Banana + Rice.

Get Plugged earplugs to enjoy the things you love even more, without being hindered by harmful or disturbing noise. We do this by offering high-quality hearing protectors to musicians, children, travellers, water sports enthusiasts, club visitors, motorcyclists and people with sleeping problems.

For neutralizing in almost all cases.

Lotion with 10% pure urea

The skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore needs good care. The substance Urea can help you with that. Urea is a moisture-retaining substance that is naturally present in our skin, but with age decline. That is why it is good if a lotion with urea is used to prevent the dry skin. HDH has a unique composition so that the urea is well absorbed by the skin.

The HyperFree® inhalation cassette is a medical device that can be used in case of hyperventilation. The HyperFree® helps you to get out of or prevent a hyperventilation attack in a safe and fast way.

Since 1962 has Mack’s committed to supplying the highest quality, innovative hearing protection, sleep aids, and swimmer’s ear prevention products. Today, we offer a diverse range of ear plugs for sleeping, swimming, showering, snoring, studying, shooting sports, travel, musicians, loud concerts and flying discomfort. In addition to earplugs, Mack’s® line of health care products includes sleep masks, ear dryers. Mack’s® USA’s best selling, #1 doctor recommended ear plug brand.

Raylex® tastes like the bitter peel of grapefruit. It contains a unique combination of citrus peel extract and denatonium. Denatonium is named the world’s bitterest substance in the Book of Records. Perfect to stop nail biting.

For more than twenty years the brand for measuring vital body functions such as blood pressure and body temperature.

Today, a large number of pharmacies and drugstores in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland are satisfied customers of the SCALA products and assured the quality of our clinical thermometers, blood pressure monitors and pillbox.

All our SCALA products are also available under private label.

The solution to get the most out of your body before, during and after exercise. Together with sports professionals, STARBALM® has tried to find the perfect balance of ingredients that help you perform longer and better.

STARBALM helps with and prevents injuries.

Contains very pure, emulsified oils that not only give the hair suppleness, but also restore shine and suppleness to even the most unruly, dry or barren hair. Stilbépan ® Hair Cream also contains a balanced concentration of special biocatalysts that penetrate deep into the skin and have a regenerating effect directly on the hair root.

Trix is a smart invention to remove ticks easily and efficiently.

In the traditional way there is a danger that the tick is only half removed or damaged. The barbs in the mouth offer resistance when the tick is pulled.

The TRIX tick-lasso pen works with the lasso principle, when the tick is turned this resistance is much less.

Removing a tick can be done quickly and safely with a TRIX tick lasso that automatically grips the tick in the right way, without constricting the abdomen of the tick. This reduces the risk of bacterial dust being released. so that you can get rid of the tick hygienically.